Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Self Reflection

I have been trying to get my yoga practice back up and running and this week I did it! I went on Monday and the class just about kicked my ass! The instructor said it was going to be mellow but when she started telling us about how we were going to try and do the splits, I knew I was in for it. I did surprise myself a little bit though. My legs are pretty strong and a strong muscle is a flexible muscle, or has the capability to become flexible if it isn't already. I impressed myself with my lower body flexibility, but need to work on loosening up my shoulders, they are so tight!

Anyway, I am going again Thursday and am going to continue with that schedule for as long as I can. I am motivated and love the way I felt when I left class. I can't believe I was out of it for so long.

I love yoga for the time you get to only reflect and concentrate on yourself. It is 90 minutes of YOU time. When I am in class, it is just me and the mat, the instructor is there for guidance of course, but I tune everyone else out and work only on myself during those precious minutes I am in class. Before I know it we are singing the closing slokas and I am being pushed back into the world. The test is to try to keep that yoga mindset during the week when I am working, at home and with my friends. I don't tend to get too anxious and tied up in things so it comes fairy easy to me to keep mellow and in the moment. To go to class and do the ansanas and listen to the wisdom of the instructor keeps me on track though. For that I am grateful.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't yoga great for self-reflection and me-time? I love it for that even though I no longer am able to practice in an actual class. The area where I live now has no yoga presence at all so I'm resigned to practicing at home. Le sigh.... But, it is far better than nothing.

I {{{heart}}} yoga!


Karen Beth :)


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