Friday, June 15, 2007

Hot in the City!

Way too hot yesterday to go to yoga, plus I felt really heavy since I was nursing a hangover and had pancakes, veggie sausage and egg whites for lunch. I hadn't packed my shorts for yoga either. I know that the heat helps with flexibility, but I couldn't deal yesterday. Now I am bummed about that decision. I decided to go home and work on some stuff there. I meditated for a while with a CD that I have and that was really nice.

I had most of the night to myself since Tim went out. It was nice and mellow. I am SO glad today is Friday though!

This weekend we are going to go to Sacramento on Saturday (tomorrow) to visit the Asch family. Sunday (Father's Day) we are going to go to the beach and hang out and maybe meet up with Tim's cousin for dinner. Even if it is cloudy on the coast we will still hang out at the beach, we love it. Just hanging out, reading magazines and checking out the waves and sometimes whales with our binoculars. I am looking forward to a really nice weekend!

Stay tuned!

PS - I started a new blog about our adoption process. Check it out if you are interested. - it is still under construction, but there are a couple posts on there. I am trying not to let the adoption stuff take over this blog! When we get the baby, that blog will be a place where I post her photos, videos, etc. for people to check out.

PSS - Anyone notice my flickr link?

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