Thursday, May 24, 2007

Taking Notes

Today, I get to spend my day at an off site meeting in San Ramon from 10-4. Yuck! I am not really looking forward to it, but have to go and take notes. I literally sit there the entire time with one ear open until I hear something I think is notable and type it in on my laptop. Then we brake for lunch and I eat alone because everyone is in there little cliques. If there is one day a quarter that I really dislike my job it is the day of this quarterly meeting. I really feel like I am at the bottom of the barrel. I cant even tell you how mad I get when they ask me if I "got that in the notes" or "Katie, can you read that back to me?". I am not looking forward to it. Most days I am super positive but this is the one that is the most challenging for me. Anyway, I mind as well suck it up, after all, I am just a Secretary with a nicer title.
This week has been awesome! Not sure if I mentioned it in my weekend recap but Tim and I finished our book reports and handed in the remainder of our adoption paperwork and the home study is complete as well. I sent in my edits for the home study report so once those are made they get sent on to the next person to edit. We are officially in the waiting process.
Tuesday was our 9th Wedding Anniversary so we went out for Vietnamese food to celebrate. We had some ba muoi ba bia, coconut prawns in a clay pot, beef in a lot leaf and garlic noodles. It was really nice. Tim let me order things he may be able to try in Vietnam. It is not the same as eating it there though, it tastes really different and I think they used grape leaves here instead of lot leaves - I had to have a little bite to figure it out.
Yesterday was pretty uneventful. I just worked and went home and did my usual evening things, talk on the phone, lift weights and watch TV. It was nice though, I am not complaining.
Memorial weekend is upon us and again, I have to work on Monday as we do not get paid holidays and I could use the money badly. At least there wont be any traffic that day.
Well, I will write more tomorrow and give you a run down of my very exciting weekend plans (ha ha!).
Stay Tuned...

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Anonymous said...

Te extrano mucho hermana. No puedo esperar a Augusto. Necisto ir a California porque quiero ver te. Mi vida aque esta loca.


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