Thursday, May 17, 2007

Spring Fever Continues to Haunt me

I seriously want to travel again SOON. I know it is kind of ridiculous and out of the question, but I am going to try and find a way to make it happen. Perhaps Malta again since it was so cheap (after you get there of course). The flight is what kills me. I have the itch and can only ignore it for so long and then I am going to blow! Last time I felt like this was March 21 - I checked my blog. I never realized how much travel to Vietnam in Feb-March each year soothed my soul. Missing India hurt me bad and I just have the need to get out and explore again. I know I will be going to Vietnam to pick up the baby in the late fall or winter (I hope), but man, this is killing me. I am going to ignore this feeling as long as I can, but when your spirit is screaming at you, it is hard to ignore it.

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