Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Running on Low

Got home late last night, the play ended at 11:00 PM or around there, drove home, parked (ugh, the parking!) and went to bed about about 12:30 AM and was up and adam at 6:00 AM. Feeling a little bit tired, but I am trying to get my body used to less sleep, that way I can pack more in during the awake hours - ha!

Last night Tim and I went to dinner at Ristorante Raphael in Berkeley, it was really delicious. They specialize in vegetarian Italian food, but serve fish as well. The ambiance was nice, art work a little cheesy, music was awesome and the wine list was fun and different than a lot of other places. Our server was french and had the cutest accent and was so attentive without hovering. Check it out at - I highly recommend it. I had a lovely glass of champagne Blanc de Blancs from Herzog, France. Love the tiny bubbles! We had a wonderful appetizer called MEDITERRANEA tomatoes, cucumber, black olive pesto, feta, lemon olive oil dressing - YUMMM. I took a photo of it before it was devoured. The roma tomatoes were stuffed with the olive pesto! For our entrees Tim ordered the FUSILLI ALLA VODKA cork screw pasta, smoked salmon flambé in vodka light cream sauce and I ordered the ALLA NOAH corkscrew pasta, sun dried tomatoes, garlic, toasted pine nuts, arugula and ricotta cheese (minus the ricotta). They will make things vegan and have vegan items on the menu as well. Since we were out we decided to split a dessert, the special of the day was a slice of pineapple filled vanilla cake with white chocolate sauce that had hardened over the top like icing and on the plate was a river of pineapple rum sauce - it was so flavorful and the perfect way to top off our meal. I always judge a place by the appetizers and desserts, the first and last things you put in your mouth, that is what I remember most.

We saw a play called "The Pillowman" at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre. It was intense and very dark. Here is a blurb from the web...

Get ready for an edgy and enthralling evening with The Pillowman, which blends black comedy and mystery until “whodunit” is the least of your concerns. A man tells creepy stories to entertain his mentally challenged brother—but then grisly murders that mirror these tales slice through town, and two cops come knocking. The Pillowman mesmerized audiences during its recent London and Broadway runs—don’t miss Berkeley Rep’s production.

We loved it. The first half is 90 minutes and the second is 50, so it is long, but keeps your attention the entire time. It was amazing. The actors were really talented and the theatre is very intimate - every seat has a great view, it could have been the thrush stage, not sure. It was fabulous and I think you all should check it out if you have a dark side or even if you don't. Get ready to here the *F* word a lot in the beginning though, just a warning.

I love date night! It is a good time to remember what it was like in the beginning. The anticipation of meeting your lover in a different setting is always nice too. Leaning your head on a shoulder during a play, linking your arm around him when you get cold, yummm!
Stay Tuned...

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