Friday, January 12, 2007

Horse Therapy

Horses save the day!
I was in a bad way when I left work yesterday because of a situation that I took on as my own and it wasn't even about me, but we all do that sometimes, don't we? I think as women that happens more. Sometimes I wish I could be more of a guy and just let things slide a little more instead of internalizing them. Anyway, so, I was a bit bummed out and went to the stable early. I got there 30 minutes before my lesson and hung out with Cane for a while. His front leg is still pretty bad so I brushed him, gave him a butt and shoulder massage and sang a little while I did it. He was sad, I could tell, and tired too. His leg would crack and shake when he moved his weight onto it, which then made me sad. He hadn't eaten his food either, it was just hanging there in the bucket. I told him he has to get better, he has to eat and just kept rubbing his head. When it was time for my lesson I ran and got Apache. I was so excited to see him! He let me right in this time without a hassle with the halter, which was nice, even though I interrupted his dinner yet again. We walked and "talked" on our way to the indoor arena and while I groomed him. I felt a little bad because again, no one had ridden him since I rode him last Thursday. He didn't need turning out though and did really well yesterday. Still really slow, but we changed up the reins a little bit and used his rubber bit and he did so much better than any other time. He pulled out when he was supposed to and went almost to a trot. All of this goodness only worked going clockwise, counter clockwise is another story all together. We worked hard though and ended on a positive clockwise circle and then I took his bridle and saddle off and let him roll around a bit in the arena while I got my brushes ready to groom him. He ran around only once and then slowly lowered himself onto the ground and went to town rolling and moaning kicking his legs up in the air. He did this for some time and then lifted himself back up and just stood there staring at me so I ran around the arena to see if I could get him to run, bolt, anything and he just stood there with his sweet eyes, watching every move I made. I went into the area and put his halter on and took him to the grooming area and hung out with him for a while. Carol came over and asked me what I did to Cane. I asked her why and she said that he was eating the food that had been in his bucket all day and he was putting more weight on his right leg in the front. He had also moved from the position he had been standing in most of the day. I showed her on Apache how I massaged his shoulder and butt and told her I sang to him and little and told him he needs to get better, that was it. She told me to come back when ever I can to do that for him since it seemed to work. I thought it was pretty funny, but who knows, stranger things have happened right? I finished grooming Apache and put him back in his stall, I am glad he is really fuzzy right now because it is so cold outside.
When I got in my car to leave I had forgotten all about the way I had felt when I left work and when I did remember, I was able to just let it go - it wasn't mine to take on in the first place. Horses have something magical about them. It was like when I was talking to Cane he got it. We were both sad when we started off last night and then when the night was over and I left, we both were happy. Funny how things get put into perspective and turn themselves around.
Stay Tuned...
Photo: Kokomo, Apache's neighbor

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