Friday, January 05, 2007

Baby It's COLD Outside

Damn, I thought I moved away from the cold that chills you to the bone and wind that whips right through you until last night. I was so cold at the stable while riding Apache and this morning walking to the office from my car. The windchill right now is insane.

Anyway, I rode Apache last night. I got to the stable early and knew I was going to have to wait since no one was riding outside due to the weather. Carol asked if I wanted something to do so she put me to work grooming an old horse named Caine (Cane? Cain? you get it right?). He currently has an injured foot that is in trouble. If he doesn't heal, they will have to put him down which makes me sad. He is 31 years old and so sweet, and as soft as a kitten. He was eating when Carol introduced me to him and I got the curry brush and went to work on him. His hair was coming out like no ones business, you should have seen the hair ball I threw away. He had some dry spots so I put some oil on them and then brushed him with a soft brush to get all the left over dust and dry skin off of him. I massaged his back end and he was happy about that. The left side of him was so tight from him favoring it over the right which is hurt right now so I rubbed him down real good. He is a very sweet horse.

Apache on the other hand, was a little bratty last night. I think I would have been too if I was eating my dinner and someone came over to me to pull me away and make me work. He would not let me put the halter on him. I went in the stall too and he just kept walking away from me and I wasn't really in a "take charge" kind of mood. I told him I was going to walk away and we would try again in a few and wouldn't you know it, once I started to walk away he stuck his head out and Carol was on her way up to help me. He let her get in there and get him, sometimes I think he is testing me. I need to show him I am the boss though in order to gain his respect. We had a good lesson though, didn't get to turn him out first which I was bummed about, but he did OK. The last half of the lesson he was so slow though I had to keep kicking and started tell him, "hey-yah - come on" and he responded OK. Before I knew it the lesson was over. My legs are sore today, but in a good way. I groomed Apache and fed him carrots and then put him to bed. Afterwards, Carol and I were hanging out with Caine, feeding him and doting on him. I hope he is OK. I don't like to see a sick animal, especially a horse and an old one at that. I am praying for him for sure.

It is Friday and I am looking forward to the weekend. Tim and I were planning on seeing Miss Potter tonight, but I think we are going to go on Sunday so we can have a night at home tonight. I have been on the go and would like to get straight home tonight to spend time with my baby. Tomorrow I am taking a class at the San Francisco Center for the Book called "Fresh Start; A Personalized Daybook for the New Year". We are going to bind our own book to use throughout the year for planning, organization, etc. I am so excited. A full day of art and being surrounded by creative people is right up my alley. I have always met really cool people at these kind of classes. Afterwards, Sara and I are going to Katherine's house for dinner and slides from her India trip. Sort of a planning night if you will. Sunday the plan is to sleep in, see a movie and take down the Christmas decorations. I felt it disrespectful to take them down prior to the epiphany- hello, we have to wait for the wise men to come before we take the party down, right?

That is about it from me.

Stay tuned...

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