Tuesday, January 09, 2007

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Hey there!

Tuesday is here at last, Monday just went by way too fast. I had my class last night at San Francisco Ballet and it was fabulous. We got a binder full of great material to read for class and also got a copy of the 65th Anniversary Book. We got an entire history of ballet last night in 2 hours, it seemed like 5 minutes to me. I could have sat there all night and listed to the instructor talking about ballet. Inside our binder is also and outline of what we are going to do at each class. Next time we meet we are going to have a technique class in one of the dance studios that the company uses. The class is being taught by Pascal Molat who is one of the principle dancers of the company. I am so excited for that class. In a couple weeks we also get a tour of the costume closet at the Opera Theatre where the ballet performs and see how all of the costumes are organized and kept clean for the dancers. The tour is 45 minutes so it should be cool. One week we get a tour of the theatre and that is 90 minutes! I am so excited about this class, I can't even explain. I am bringing my camera along with me each time I am there just in case I am able to take some photos.

After class I met up with Jadin at Max's for dinner. We closed the place down, we were there until about 10:30 and the doors were locked when we left. I had a nice glass of champagne and we sat and talked for hours. It was nice. She lives super close but I still drove her home, it was late and she was alone. She had ballet last night so we both shared what we learned in our classes, looked through all of my class materials and gabbed.

I got home last night and wrote in my journal and then hit the sack at about 12. Seems like I have been staying up later and later these days. No wonder I can't get up in the morning.

Tonight I am attending the first Women's Committee meeting of the year at the Maltese Club. I hope I don't set anything on fire this time, ha ha ha! I think we are planning the upcoming year's events so it should be fun. I am excited to see all of my friends. However, going straight home sounds really nice too. We'll see, I like to leave everything up in the air at moments like this.

Stay tuned...

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