Thursday, August 03, 2006

Shake...Rattle and Roll...

Did anyone feel the earthquake last night?
I did, thanks to Wendy. We were on the telephone and well, this is how it went:
"Hold on Katie, we are having an earthquake."
"No we aren't..."
"Yeah, just now, when it happened I was walking right under the door to the utility room."
"No way."
"Oh, hold on Wendy, we are having an earthquake now."
I was sitting on the bed while the room rumbled slightly and that was it. We both laughed at how weird it was and how it had traveled down to San Francisco from Napa in a number of seconds. It was a 4.4 based in Sonoma between Santa Rosa and Petaluma. We made a pact that we have to be each others warning system in case it ever happens like that again, but what are the odds? It was very strange. Bay-Lee was playing around like nothing happened while Wendy's cat Gus lowered to the floor trying to hold on, she said he had been acting strange. I vote for Gus as the new earthquake warning system.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah... GusGus! Even after the quake he was still hunkered down. I heard women talking about it in line, when I was getting my morning cafe. Thank goodness it wasn't the big one... but it did remind me that I don't know how to turn my gas off. So folks... consider it a reminder to get your emergency kits, family meeting location, gas and water locations/how to's in order. Oh... and your furry friends need a plan too!


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