Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Aint No Sunshine When She's Gone...

Emily left last night. My long weekend is over and I am back in the real world, ugh. We had a wonderful weekend though.

Friday we got massages and walked around downtown. Our horseback riding got cancelled (so sad) due to the ranch having 27 kids there for summer camp - yikes! While downtown we saw some New Orleans style jazz music and had lunch. We went out for Vietnamese food that night with Tim and drank Vietnamese beer.

Saturday we went out to brunch (strawberry pancakes, yummy) and headed down the coast to Half Moon Bay. It was foggy on and off throughout the day, enough sun to get some color on our skin though. Em and I slept for a while on the beach and Tim woke us up at 6:00 PM because it was getting cold and foggy. We went to Half Moon Bay Brewing Co. and ate out on the patio (beer battered artichoke hearts...soooo good) and had some cocktails. There was some live music by a local band called The Cowlicks, it was alternative country and really fun music. We headed back to the city and went to bed shortly after arriving home.

Sunday, Angela drove in from Sacramento and we went to Haight Street to walk, shop and eat lunch. We went to a Mediterranean place where we sat on the floor and ate a delicious mix of grape leaves, olives, pita, falafel and hummus. It was a nice mellow day. Angela left around 5:00 PM and Tim went out and got burritos for Em and I while we stayed home and made hemp seed organic brownies - they were awesome.

Monday, woke up late because Bay-Lee was being cuddly and I didn't want to get up because it is rare that he is like that. Anyway, when I got up, Emily was up already so we got dressed and drove up the coast to Point Reyes Station for lunch and little retail therapy. I found some cool stuff for my house and we had lunch at a place called Rosie's Cowboy Cookhouse. We shared Fried Green Tomatoes that were to die for. They had a really light cornmeal crust on them and were topped with corn salsa. We spent an hour or two walking around and taking photos on the coast until we had to head back to the city. We arrived at home and I got out a second suitcase for Em (for all her new stuff) and packed her up. When Tim came home we went to Moki's for the last dinner and enjoyed some sushi, followed by a vegan ice cream sundae at Maggie Mudd's. We dropped Em off at the airport afterwards. So sad to see her leave but all good things must come to an end.

It was a wonderful long weekend spent with my favorite person, my sister. I can't wait until the next time we can spend time together. I feel whole when I am with her. She makes me laugh like none other and I can be myself with no judgments PLUS she calls me on all of my shit all of the time. No one can do that like a sister, they know you better than anyone. It can hurt at times, but deep inside you know she is right. I do the same for her, I am the reality check.

Well, back to my regular schedule this week, yoga tomorrow, Thursday and Friday to make up for missing class over the last week. Now it is time to focus on my Malta trip coming up very soon!
Stay tuned...

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