Thursday, August 17, 2006

Mellow Night

Yesterday, Emily came to my office in the afternoon. It was so funny because I didn't know when she was going to arrive (she was on the bus) and I got this weird feeling that she might be here and once I walked into the lobby she was getting off the elevator. You know when you have a wire with someone or a line? Like you are on the same wave length? Emily and I are totally like that, it is great. She hung out with me at work for the last 2 hours of my day and then we left and went to Yoga. I was trying to be serious about my practice last night but there was one moment that we almost started laughing because we had to face each other in a pose. The class was nice and mellow but challenging at the same time. Emily loved it. I was so happy to share my yoga practice with her, it is a very personal thing to me and something I generally do alone for myself, it is my escape. After class we went to Cafe Gratitude ( It was so hard to make a decision about what to order because everything there is so damn good. We got a Caesar salad, pizza and nachos and for dessert - chocolate mousse pie and strawberry cheesecake (it is all raw and vegan and INCREDIBLE).
Tonight...Baraka at the Castro and dinner at Nirvana or somewhere else fun! I am off tomorrow and Monday but we have some great plans. Tomorrow, massages in the morning and the afternoon is kind of open. Saturday, beach day with Tim (Half Moon Bay). Sunday, Angela (the third sister) is coming to visit from Sacramento and we are going to Haight Street for lunch and shopping. Monday, hiking in Point Reyes and lunch on the coast somewhere. Emily leaves on Monday night - boo hoo! Her visit is already going by WAY too fast.
Anyway, until my next update...

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