Monday, September 09, 2013

September Issues

I am just getting around to cracking these babies open (yes, Vogue is really 902 pages!).
This past week I have been obsessed with photos and video from New York Fashion week on; I think tonight is the night I start flipping through my favorite glossy monthly mags as I need a break from screen-time.

With Bazaar having SJP on the cover, that one will definitely be first.

I have been totally reminiscing as of late about the house I grew up in and have such fond memories of looking at Vogue magazine on my bed with a diet Coke and a Snickers (I know...).  I remember in 7th grade I had read an awesome article in Vogue about one of their fashion editors and how she put her entire outfit together from a flea market in Paris. I figured out at the time how much the Franc was worth and how much it cost for her incredible ensemble.  From that day I dreamt of Paris and fashion.

New York Fashion week is coming to a close (this Thursday) but Paris fashion week is coming up shortly after (9/24-10/2)...oh la la, the creme de la creme; I can't wait.

Now, if they only made the clothes in real woman sizes. Well, better that they don't, I would be in BIG trouble with la Visa and la Master Card.

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