Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fridge Art

I think what you stick to your fridge should be things you want to look at all the time and also reflect the people that live in the house, inspire you or take you away for a dreamy moment.  My fridge used to be a jumble of coupons I didn't want to forget about, a small white erasable board for notes but really only had the police non emergency number on it (I live in the city and see some sketchy things) and a plethora of magnets I had collected over the years.  When my kitchen got repainted (thanks Mom and Dad) and I unpacked, I decided I would only allow things I really loved and this is what I ended up with - it makes me happy. What's on your fridge?

1 comment:

Amy O. said...

I love this. I used to have walls like this in my office - at home or at work. I like the idea of putting it where you will see it with intention.


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