Thursday, May 03, 2012

Tea for Two

Wednesday I had a tea date with my friend Amy at Lovejoy's Tea Room in Noe Valley. I love it there. I have been many times but this time was different since I my diet is pretty limited and you know what? They were super accommodating! They have a healthy tea with salad, hummus, veggies and gluten free crackers and rice cakes! It was hard, I have to admit because I swear this place as the best English scones with double devon cream and jam this side of the pond. I could totally get used to tea each afternoon that is for sure. If you have not been to Lovejoy's yet, what are you waiting for? There is a pot of hot tea with your name on it.

After tea we walked to Omnivore Books down the street which is an all cookbook store AKA Danger Zone. I love cookbooks. I love reading them like novels and imagining what every recipe tastes like. We walked in and were immediately sucked in. They have vintage books and new books. Its a pretty amazing place and the woman behind the counter was super patient, we never felt rushed and took our time looking around and thumbing though many cookbooks. Since I was in the tea moment, I got a great book called The Vintage Tea Party - it has amazing illustrations and great ideas inside. Here, take a peak...

I fell in love with another book, but decided to stick with one and I am so happy with it. I am inspired and feel the need to host a tea at my house in the near future.

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Amy O. said...

It was a great time! Lovely pictures in the book. I just flipped through mine and got inspired.


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