Tuesday, May 01, 2012

May Day!

Happy May Day!
I have never celebrated before but I may have to start.
I got the cutest little gift on my desk today from my friend Amy - what a nice surprise and a great welcome to Spring!
Super cute right?
Clockwise from top center:
Notebook, tea light holder that hangs (super cute), magnetic note pad (I love a good list), small pen (perfect size), flower stickers (super fun!), scrubbie sponge (hello spring cleaning), plant a daisy kit (love it, so tiny!).
Please excuse my dirty kitchen floor, looks like it could use a scrub from that cute sponge, eh?
Thanks Amy - what a nice welcome back to the office after being out for a while.

I owe a post on my Hawaii experience...I am a bit behind.

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Abby M said...

Hi tthanks for posting this


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