Saturday, May 26, 2012

Our Food at Home

After I got home from Hawaii, Tim decided to join me on the Engine 2 Plant Strong lifestyle and it has been so great. In a nutshell, the plan is plant based no added oil. We have been enjoying so many great nutrient dense meals together and I am trying to teach him how to cook some of our favorites which gives me a little break.
We have a couple staples here at home starting with morning oats and it is hard to get through a day now without them. Here is a photo gallery of oats for your viewing pleasure. 
From top to bottom: Thanksgiving Oats (pumpkin, cranberries, sultanas and pecans), Banana Walnut, Monkey Dream (banana cooked in, walnut, peanut butter), Good Ole Summertime (bananas cooked in, raisins, strawberries, almonds, coconut), Blueberry Bliss (blueberries cooked in, toasted almonds, almond butter).

Another thing we love are these burgers...
Basic Burgers are made of the following (recipe from Jeff Novick):
  • 1 Can of Kidney Beans (rinsed and drained)
  • 1/2 Cup Brown Rice (cooked -we use frozen, thawed)
  • 1/2 Cup Oats (we use gluten free)
  • 2 Tbls Liquid of your choice 
  • Herbs and Spices
Mash beans with masher (roughy, not super mashed), add other ingredients and form into patties. Put the patties on a plate and let them rest in the fridge uncovered for 10 minutes and then cook on a super hot pan until golden brown and heated through. If your pan is hot enough you do not need to add oil.  You can add other beans, but just make sure half is kidney beans, there is something magic about them that hold these together.

We add beans and greens to almost everything like tomato soup (add cannellini beans and frozen spinach), spaghetti sauce (add kale and cannellini beans), salad and anything else where we can add them in. I recently grilled some polenta on my grill pan and topped with prepared puttanesca sauce (no anchovies, no oil) that we added beans and greens to with some grilled zucchini spears on the side. Deeeelish and so easy and quick! Again, no oil needed, make the pan screamin' hot and you are good to go.
Anyway, just wanted to give a snapshot of what is going on in our kitchen since a lot of people have asked "what do you eat?" and truth be told, we have so many options it is at times overwhelming - just think of how many fruits, veggies, nuts and grains there are out there. I never run out of ideas, however we do have our staples that are quick and easy. I just wish I didn't have a gluten allergy so I could have some whole grain bread or pasta once in a while. Tim still eats gluten because he can and that makes things easier for him while he is out and about.
Happy Eating!


Angela said...

Those are some good lookin' oats!
Love oatmeal, I will have to try your variations on my fav breakfast. xxxx

Amy O. said...

that was pleasurable!

pomegranate seed said...

yum! looks delicious! sounds like you guys are eating great... can you eat rice noodles? also there's korean noodles made of sweet potatoes that are yummy (jap-chae i think it's called? a vegetarian dish)... friends of ours are gluten-free vegan as well which sounds similar... you live in a fabulous city to make such eating easier! sounds like you guys have wonderful things cooking in your kitchen! thanks for sharing :)

Epa said...

When you went to Hawaii I was curious about the engine 2 stuff so we looked it up and David and I really like a lot of the recipes that we found. Although its hard for me to cook without oil sometimes cuz of my latinaness :). And he likes his oats in the morning too but they can get kind of boring after awhile, so I'm stealing your ideas with all the different fruits and nuts!



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