Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Tea

Here are some shots of the Royal Wedding Tea I had today. It was a lot of fun, my friends Robin, Ginny (Robin's Mom), Jaime and his boyfriend Steve came over for the event. We had tea sandwiches, scones, lentil salad, green salad and shortbread. It was super fun - my guest count wasn't what I had originally planned so I toned down some of the crazy ideas I had. We did play one game, a Royal Family Quiz and the winner won a replica of the Princess Diana engagement ring and the winner was.....GINNY! It was good for some laughs, Jaime was the runner up and got the second prize which was a Union Jack cube puzzle.
I didn't get too many photos of people and food since once we started going, I sort of forgot about my camera believe it or not.
I did get a pic of the always fabulous Jaime and his Royal Wedding tiara and Princess Diana wand - so great! I am a sucker for anything handmade.

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