Monday, April 25, 2011

The Hats of Kate

Had to put together this little montage of the fabulous hats that get to sit atop Kate Middleton. I hope that this inspires more people to wear hats and not just on special occasions. I have a number of hats I like to wear out and about the city, but would love to have a couple more small scale hats or fascinators that I can wear all day long. Who says you have to wear a nice skirt or jacket to pull off a dashing hat?

Without further ado...Do you have a favorite?
I know I heart goes pitter patter for the third row, second to the left - the beret with that huge arrow....oh la la. I am also cuckoo for the one to the right of it - all that fluff!

The last photo is Kate sans the hat, plus an umbrella. Hey! I needed to fill the space.

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