Sunday, February 27, 2011

Manic Monday...Behind the Scenes

Since all of the March fashion Magazines are on the stands now, I thought I would share a little about what goes into my Manic Monday posts. I have been posting them now for over 2 years and I do run out of ideas from time to time.

First of all, I super love fashion magazines and subscribe only to a couple, however, when it comes to the September and March issues, I usually buy a couple more so I can devour all of them. While I am looking at them, I fold/flag the pages of things I like.
With my trusty Sharpie, I start circling things, putting stars next to things I like, making notes, etc.

Once I have my magazines flagged and marked up, I go to and start the hunt for items that I can use for my Manic Monday posts. A lot of times I am a couple months ahead since what is in the magazines sometimes isn't on polyvore yet so I either have to wait for it or search the Internet for a photo of the item that I want to use and add it to polyvore with their clipper tool. Like with anything, sometimes I am completely inspired and can create a months worth of postings in one sitting and other times I am grasping at straws to come up with something.

If you have not gone into polyvore and played around, I highly recommend it; especially if you are into fashion and like to fantasize about having the closet of your dreams. It is all fun to me, I don't take it too seriously and yes, I probably would wear all of the outfits at least once if I had the chance. Fashion should be fun, I think people think way to hard about it sometimes.

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