Saturday, February 12, 2011

J'dore Cast Iron

Please allow me to introduce you to my two best friends in the kitchen...
Bertha and Chicken Little.
Bertha has been around for about 5 years and Chicken Little arrived this past Christmas (thanks Mom and Dad). They are used 10 times more than my nonstick fancy pants skillets.

My favorite things about my cast iron friends:

  • They are virtually nonstick with very little maintenance - they even come pre-seasoned now!
  • When cooking slow and low in them (sauces and stews) you get additional iron, which we can all use.
  • They are the original stove-to-oven pans, so searing and finishing in the oven is never a problem.
  • Holds heat evenly.
  • Baking in them is incredible: corn bread, Irish soda bread, tarte tatin, the list is endless.
  • My favorite things to cook in them: pancakes, grilled sandwiches, stir fried veggies, french toast, fry bread, pasta sauce, refried beans, oh so many things!

Click here to read an interesting article from the New York Times in 2005.

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