Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Waaaaaay Behind Part 3 (final)

Last Friday (July 9) I took a personal day and went up to visit my dear friend Angela and hang out in her neck of the woods for the day. Of course, I took my laundry with me. Most of my friends know I don't have laundry at my house so I usually come to their house with it - ha ha!
I headed up to Sacramento and got there around 10:20 AM. Frankie was the first one to greet me, I had not seen him since Thanksgiving so it was really nice to see him - kids change so much in small amounts of time. We sat and had coffee and Frankie gave me a tour of their house where he told me after I mentioned I had a pink bathtub in my bathroom that "that's ridiculous". He is hilarious! I love the things kids say!

I did my wash and hung it out on the line outside to dry and Angela and I went to the Antique Mall by her house that I super love! We took our time and walked around while Frankie took his nap at home with Brian. Antiquing built up a pretty hardy appetite so we decided to go and get a "snack" and ended up with this Greek Appetizer Platter and Feta Fries!
After our little "snack" we went back to the house (gave Brian the meat part of the meal and the leftover fries) and hung out until Frankie woke up. We decided we would walk over to the park with Shelby (the dog) and Frankie. Frankie was so funny, didn't want to play on the playground, just wanted to race his bike around the footpath around it. He must have gone around 8 times, and we cheered each time he came around by us. Then he moved on and played on the play scape for a while. He is super creative, Angela bumped her head and he was pretending he was a Dr. and was going to fix her head. Cracked me right up! You should have seen the things he was doing to fix her head, hilarious!After our time at the park we walked back to the house, drank a ton of water, ate a popsicle and then I drove back to the Bay Area. It was a great Friday off! I love Sacramento, lots of well established big old trees, plenty of parking and reminds me of where I grew up a bit. I love that my friends are back in California, it wasn't the same without them!

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Angela said...

Ah, thanks Kater!!!
We miss you, all our friends and family and California in and of itself sooo much!
My house is your house, so come up anytime, laundry and all.
We love you,


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