Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The September Issue...

of Vogue has arrived! I have it at home and am waiting for the perfect quiet night so I can really sink into it without interruption. Of course I will be armed with a diet coke and snickers (my favorite things to munch on while reading HUGE issues of Vogue, not sure why). I also like to get my tape flags out and mark everything I would wear if I were a size 0, looked great in everything and money was no object. Sometimes I pick out things that would look great on other people or that I know that would like even though they may be like $3500 pants. I love it!
It is so fun to play make believe - sort of like my Manic Monday posts.

Did you hear there is a movie coming out as well about Ana Wintour and Vogue? I am super excited about this, I can't wait!
It is actually called "The September Issue".


Angela said...

I love that you read Vogue with a diet coke and sneeekers bar! AWESOME!!!! Ina would be right there with you, wearing her up the butt pants and stilletos, HA! I hope you have a quiet night soon.
Love you,

The Maltese Kat said...

ha ha ha! You know, I have read Vogue since 7th Grade and the Sneekers tradition probably started back then!
XO - Kater


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