Monday, August 03, 2009

Boring Weekend = Exciting Week

Boring weekend for me this past - nothing to report.
Laundry, movies, Uno, hanging out with the Babe.

I like weekends like that though. I suppose I am charging my batteries for the GO GO GO week I am going to have. Working today and tomorrow with a half day on Wednesday and then..... my sister Emily arrives!!!!

Wait...there's more, Angela arrives on Thursday night!!!!

Friday is our annual girls weekend away, so we will meet up with Wendy and Robin up on the coast. I am super excited!

Our schedule is a little insane, but should be fun - I feel like I may be the walking wounded next Tuesday at work, but that is OK, it will all be SO worth it.


Angela said...

I cannot wait, the thrill of the weekend will make up for the agony of the following work week, I promise. We should get a few minutes of shut eye every night, I'll pack the Frappe mix! "I'm telling you, No problem!"
Love you,

The Maltese Kat said...

I have frappe stuff - believe me, I am telling you, no worry, just relax.
XO - Katie


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