Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sweet and Salty Treat

Every fall Tim and I make this simple sweet and salty treat to have around the house.
We love it!
In a large container with lid, mix dry roasted salted peanuts and candy corn - sometimes we add m&m's too! If you like sweet and salty, you will love this.


pomegranate seed said...

yum. sadly, halloween is a non-holiday here in new zealand and kids don't even dress up or trick-or-treat. it's really depressing actually. though we carved cam's first jack-o-lantern the other night! hey, another great sweet/salty snack i'm into (because we have no good candy or stuff here) is kettle corn - just popped corn that you add sugar to, and then a bit of salt - if you want the recipe let me know - it's so great!

The Maltese Kat said...

Please send it my way, sounds deeeee-lish!

Anonymous said...

I made your treat and it was a big hit at work! I plan on putting some out at the party this weekend. You'll be missed!


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