Thursday, October 02, 2008

Missing in Action 2

Hey folks!
I know, I have taken a little unscheduled hiatus from my blog as of late. Truth be told, I have been doing a lot of soul searching, trying to get myself back in order. I had an epiphany a couple weeks ago that during my long and drawn out adoption process I lost part of myself. It has been so stressful and consuming in every way that I was letting it take over my life as a whole. So, with the expiration of the US and Vietnam agreement, I have decided to get back to basics and start doing the things that make me happy since I seemed to have neglected myself along this journey, which we are still on, there was just a fork in the road.

I am back at yoga with a somewhat consistant practice. I am taking a workshop right now for 3 hours on Sunday's for the next couple weeks and it is HARD. I think maybe harder for me since I used to have a pretty consistent practice and was pretty comfortable with my abilities and now, being out of practice, things are a little different. It is good though, and I have to admit I love a good challenge, it makes me feel sturdy. The bonus is that I get free yoga during the weeks between the workshop on Sunday's. Tonight I am going to mellow out with a Gentle Restorative Class which will be nice on a Friday after work.

That is really about it - just taking more time for myself lately and if that means I can't post for a couple days so be it. I have a feeling though with all of my favorite holidays and foods of the season coming up, I will be posting more.

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