Thursday, October 09, 2008

30+ Things You May Not Know About Me

30+ Random Things You May Not Know About Me

  1. I was went undercover with the police when I was in 3rd Grade
  2. I have a knack for mimicry
  3. My 2nd toes are longer than all of the others
  4. I collect old dance cards from the 20's-60's (full or empty, I don't discriminate)
  5. I LOVE written correspondence - old and new (one time Wendy and I got sucked in to some old WW II V-Mail at an antique store for about an hour!)
  6. I remember the licence plate number from the station wagon we had when I was a child.
  7. I have an incredible memory
  8. I used to record myself singing TV theme songs instead of practicing them on the piano after school.
  9. I believe it is bad luck to put a hat on the bed
  10. I really love hats!
  11. I write short stories all the time, but usually keep them to myself
  12. With #11 said, I would love to be a writer and be able to live in the middle of nowhere
  13. I make lists for just about everything
  14. I would love to learn how to play the mandolin or banjo
  15. I can play the piano and read music (took lessons for all of my childhood)
  16. I was on a bus that was held up in Vietnam - scariest moment ever!
  17. I have actually performed a couple of minor miracles
  18. I wanted to be Amish for a while - still would like to maybe, sometimes simple is better
  19. I have a non-cancerous tumor in my left eye, but still have 20/20 vision
  20. I used to have a speech impediment and had to go to speech therapy
  21. I wanted to go to private High School and a different Middle School than most people in my town.
  22. I love teeny tiny things, miniatures, etc.
  23. I love being in a country where you know no one and cannot speak the language
  24. I carry an old man's notebook from 1910 around with me - I think we are linked in some way (I got it at an antique store)
  25. I have had a plantar wart on my left heel that I have had for more than 10 years (gross, I know but Dr. can't get rid of it).
  26. I thought High School was going to be like the movie Grease (so sad)
  27. I have a crush on Billy Bob Thornton
  28. I love the 70's sitcom "Good Times" more than words can say
  29. I always wanted to play the violin part of "The Devil Went Down to Georgia"
  30. I am not a big chocolate fan
  31. I have a knack for learning other languages
  32. I hate wearing socks
  33. I am a country girl married to a city boy
  34. I eat certain things in even numbers only
  35. I only wake up at 8, 16, 24, 32 or 48 after the hour - I am cuckoo about numbers
  36. When I think of something I have not seen in a while, I get obsessed with finding it
  37. When I was a child I used to suck my middle finger and ring finger and carry a blanket

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