Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weekend Recap

Hey folks!
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
We worked hard around the house this weekend with a couple of well deserved breaks sprinkled in. Friday night we got our grocery shopping done so we didn't have to deal with too many people on Saturday. We went to Costco and it was a ghost town, maybe it was that people were at home watching the Olympics? In case you are wondering, Tim and I are boycotting the games this year, but wish all of the athletes well and hope that they take the appropriate precautions to keep themselves healthy in a country with no regard for their people or the environment. I will leave it at that.

Saturday, our landlord was coming over to finish a job he started on our bathroom tile - he said he "re-tiled" this bad spot a couple months ago, however, it was not holding up. Tim and I decided instead of waiting around for him, we would run to Target to get some stuff we needed and get some lunch and low and behold, when we came back the tile was done! We did some work around the house, cleaned out stuff and got things set aside for our garage sale next weekend.

Sunday we went to our storage unit and I minimized my book collection from 6 bankers boxes down to 3. The other three I will sell. It felt good to open some space in the storage and sad to see all the baby things in there waiting for Olive to get here. I packed up some other things to sell and we got home and unloaded the car into the hallway until next weekend. I am super excited to purge my place and get rid of stuff. I realized over the last couple days with the landlord working in the bathroom, the less stuff in there, the better I feel. I have too much clutter in my life, I will admit it, I need to scale it down and get rid of stuff. After dinner, I made some great, honey sweetened zucchini carrot bread and put my fabulous find to use!
Not the most fun weekend, but we got a lot done and that makes me feel good!

PS - My DVD player died again, I think it just runs for a short while now and conks out. I was watching What Ever Happened to Baby Jane - what a movie for my machine to crap out on me!

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