Friday, August 22, 2008

Unintended Hiatus

So, it looks as though I took a little unintended hiatus. Truth be told, I have been very stressed out, angry, depressed, etc. so when times like that strike, it is hard to write my blog. I have to be specific because I do write in my journal during those times because I need an outlet.
Anyway, I am back!
Where in the world did I leave off? Here is a non-exhaustive list of some of the events of the past week.
  1. Had dessert for lunch last Friday (did I mention the stress at work?)
  2. Had a garage sale! Didn't make much, but every little bit helps
  3. Met quite a few neighbors on the morning of the sale which was nice
  4. Made a HUGE donation to the Goodwill with leftovers from our sale
  5. Got the stomach flu or something of the sort - terrible
  6. Went through the layoff process at work, I have a job, but sad
  7. Made the short list for a photo city guide of Salt Lake City - they make final picks soon! It is not a paid thing, but I get photo credit.
  8. Got picked to be an actor in a training video at work!
  9. Had a night to myself with mojitos and fashion magazines
  10. Watched a lot of movies on my new portable DVD player

That is it that I can think of right now. There was SO much more, but a girl needs to keep some things to herself, right?

More tomorrow, I am taking another canning class with Debbie! I am super excited!


JOTH said...

hi Katie
Had almost lost rack of you girl!!!
got an e-mail from Gary Hewett and he is looking for an e-mail address for your Mom and Dad. we lost that too in the switchover to a new computer.
We are well.
Can you e-mail me your address as well as that of your parents?
Elaine and Bruce

pomegranate seed said...

oh my gosh - i SO wish i could take the canning class with you girls - i'm afraid of giving myself botchulism (sp?) but i might give it a go as we have a zillion lemons that ripened while we were on holiday! wish me luck - lemon preserves, lemon pickle, here i come!


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