Thursday, August 14, 2008

Evening Out

Double dates are fun, especially in San Francisco where the world is your oyster!

Sara, Cam, Tim and I went to Citrus Club for dinner in the Haight. Citrus Club (if you have not been there) is a wonderful place with great prices where you can get HUGE servings of noodles of all types. We all ordered something different so it was nice to taste the other dishes. I had a very non traditional plate of Pad Thai, it was not like any Pad Thai I have had before and some of you know, I am on a quest for the best. Unfortunately, this was not it. It was great though, but had it not been listed as Pad Thai on the menu, I would have never guessed that is what it was. More like a curry, noodle, veggie thing but I guess that description wouldn't really sell the dish on the menu! ha ha! We got to the restaurant just in time, that place can fill up like none other. We were jammed back in the corner all snug at our table. Service was quick, food was wonderful but nothing could top the company. When we left, there was a line of people waiting to get in!

After dinner, Tim took us on a scenic drive back to our neighborhood and we went to Maggie Mudd's for some locally made ice cream! I had a flavor called The Dubliner that was insane, chocolate ice cream with whisky, chocolate cookie pieces and a little carmel running through it. Cam had your traditional strawberry, which is always a hit and Sara had coconut lychee which tasted like a super sweet Japanese candy! Tim's was the best and almost had a radio active like color to it...he got one scoop of birthday cake and one scoop of cotton candy, it was elecrtic blue and pink (hilarious!). After ice cream we dropped Sara and Cam off at their next evening event - they are packing them in since they are here just a short while. Tim and I feel super lucky to have been able to steal a couple hours from them for a great dinner and a fun evening!

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pomegranate seed said...

i miss you already!!! it was so special spending time together and a double date at that! it went too quickly, but we'll be back for sure. next time we visit the family we'll be stopping over in SF for a longer stretch... and remember, the invite is always open to new zealand! you have a place to stay, even with a spare bedroom, but soon there will be an infant as well... sooo glad we got to spend time together!xxooxxoo, sara


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