Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Home Study, Home Visit

Yet again, I got caught up in my own world and haven't had time to update my blog.
First, a quick update on the home study home visit. It went GREAT! Our Social Worker is really cool and was at our house for 5 hours! Yes, I said it, 5 hours! She went over a TON of stuff that we need to be aware of as adoptive parents. We spoke about health issues, mental issues, attachment and bonding and so many other things. She walked around our apartment and checked things out. When we were done, Tim and I went out for Vietnamese food to celebrate one more step in this process to check off of the never ending list. We ordered some Vietnamese beer and were enjoying ourselves, the hot food arrived about 3 minutes before one of Tim's old co-workers came up to us and started talking to us for 45 minutes! We stopped eating to chat with her because we didn't want to be rude, but 45 minutes was way too long to stand at the table and talk. We know the owner of the restaurant and she even came over and told her we needed to eat and she didn't budge. Finally she walked away and we ate our cold celebratory dinner. The next home visit is Sunday, April 29th and she is only coming over for about an hour or so, so it should be easier this time - we were very nervous and anxious last time.
I keep praying for our baby girl and hope that her birth Mother is healthy and taking good care of herself. I pray for the caregivers in the facility that she will live in until she gets to come home to her Mom and Dad and cute grey kitty in San Francisco.

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Anonymous said...

i love you guys =)


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