Friday, April 06, 2007

Easter Weekend is here!

Easter weekend is here! This week seemed to just fly by. Probably because I have been playing catch up all week from being sick last week. Tuesday night I got a call from our social worker at the home study agency and our first home visit is next Saturday! We are excited and nervous. My focus this weekend is to get the house ready, do laundry and relax. We have to have two home visits, so the second one is on April 29th and then we are done with the home study completely. We just keep on praying that everything works out and we get our baby soon. It is weird to be at the mercy of all the people involved. I have been reading as much as I can about the process AFTER the child comes home with us. We have to get her citizenship, etc. as she will just have a green card. That is a whole additional process, but I am familiarizing myself with it now so there are no surprises.

I rode Apache last night, it was incredible! There is a new addition at the stable, a baby dwarf goat named Jack. He weighs about 15 pounds and I was carrying him around like a baby. He has the funniest cry - sort of an extended baaaahhhhhhhhhaaaaa (low pitch all the way up to a high pitch). He lives in the stall with Cane. Cane doesn't seem to mind him at all. Cane was out eating grass yesterday, it was nice to see him out and about as opposed to him in his stall and me massaging him so he can walk. He seemed happy to be outside for sure. There was a lot of drama at the stable last night too. When I first got there a horse broke loose and ran towards the road, someone got to the gate in time though. The owner of the horse tied it up completely wrong and it was not a good situation so the horse broke free and ran. 2 riders yelled at my instructor because Apache bolted with me on him (no ones fault, really, he is a horse) and their horses got scared. Funny thing, I was in total control, my heart beat didn't rise or anything, I pulled back on the reins and he settled down pretty quick. It happened too fast for me to freak. After my lesson there was a dog fight in the barn between some neighbor dogs and the ones that live at the stable. Geeze, too much tension. It was a great lesson though. Apache is slowing learning to pick up the pace without me having the use the crop. He responds to my clicking and kicking, which is great. I don't like the kicking, but sometimes you gotta do it to get him to go.

Spoke to my bro this morning. It was nice to get a call from him. I think his visit out here brought us closer together. He got to see where I live, my city, car, apartment and life in general which makes it easier sometimes to relate to someone.

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