Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Long Over Due

Sorry to all of my die hard blog fans - I know there are 2 of you out there for sure.
Geeze, once I got over whatever it was that I had, life just picked right back up and went all crazy again, that is how I like it.

Let's see...what have I been up to. I won't back track too much, just to this past weekend.
I went to ballet on Saturday and had a nice 90 minute class that kind of kicked my ass, but I have been through worse, so it was OK. After class I raced home, took a shower and then hit the road to visit Angela in Sacramento. I was a tourist in our nation's capitol. I had a nice drive there, 1 hour and 20 minutes was all which was great! I arrived and Angela and I took the dogs for a nice walk to wear them out since we were not going to be home for a while. We then went to a diaper shower that he neighbor threw for her and another woman on her street that is pregnant with twins - I happend to come on the right weekend! It was so cute, all the neighbors together and Kris (the woman who had the shower) decorated her home so cute for the shower. There were tea sandwiches, tea, coffee, cheese and crackers and cookies. It was nice, nothing needed a fork in order to eat it - I like that. We played some games and then about 2 hours later the party broke up and we schlepped about 10 packs of diapers back to Angela's house. Right after that, we went to eat some Thai food, which was fabulous! Quick as can be, because we were going to a movie with Jen. Jen was ready when we got there, but I had to check out her new baby first, Naomi. She was so cute and asleep in her little swing ready for her night of hanging out with Dad. We whisked Jen off and went to see Volvar which we all loved! How can you not love a man who can make brilliant movies about strong women? Viva la Pedro Almodovar!
After the movie we went to a cafe for cake and coffee. I had champagne with mine and Jen had a glass of port while Angela had to stick with her tea. It was so nice to hang out with a new Mom, a Mom to be, and me, the wanna be Mom. It was a great day all together. We got back to the house, hung out for a few with Brian and then went to bed. I slept so good I forgot where I was. It must have been the little Nemo lamp next to my bed. I slept until about 9:00 I think, Brian was up and Angela got up shortly after. Angela made me the best breakfast ever. I am seriously thinking about checking into the hotel Asch every Saturday night if breakfast on Sunday is this good every week. We had fresh squeezed OJ, whole wheat french toast, veggie sausage and cut up fruit. All of the food groups, I love it, thanks Ang. After breakfast we made our way out to the Antique mall to walk around. I found a couple cute things, but made only one purchase. I had to show some restraint, I need to save money these days. We hung out and shopped for a couple hours and then the baby wanted a milkshake so Angela and I indulged and got some milkshakes at an old school ice cream shop and went back to the house and looked at pregnancy magazines and talked about baby stuff. It was a wonderful weekend and I can't wait to do it again.

Last night I had my Ballet 101 Class and Ricardo Bustamonte (SF Ballet, Ballet Master) taught us for an hour. He was incredible. He has such a passion for dance and theatre and was really charismatic and cute! He used to dance with ABT in New York with Susan Jaffe, which is amazing to me. After his class was over we went across to the Opera House and got to tour the costume shop. We were underneath the theatre, it was dark with a lot of passage ways, but once the door to the main alternations room opened I felt like I was in a fairy land. There were tutus hanging all over the place and beads and feathers and the new Sleeping Beauty blue bird costumes were being worked on. There were many rooms we went into, there is a drying room for the washed costumes, a dying room for dying the shoes, storage room that contained all of the Nutcracker costumes and the pre-show room where the dancers are dressed. It was so amazing!

Tonight I am meeting Tim for dinner and then I am going to the ballet. I got a free ticket from one of my Monday night classmates who is unable to attend so he offered and I jumped on it. It is just my luck that Yuan Yuan Tan is dancing tonight in Firebird! I am going to be in my balcony seat in my own world looking through my binoculars. I love it! I can't wait. After the ballet I have to go to the grocery store, we have nothing in the house to eat that is healthy and nutritious and I figure after the ballet tonight around 10:30 PM the store should be empty!

Stay tuned...

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The Maltese Kat said...

I am so in!
Next time for sure. We can leave the boys alone. Tim is looking forward to visiting you guys and checking out your "love shack" as Brian calls it.


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