Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Last night

Went to dinner with Tim at Max's Opera Plaza. Another disappointing Max's dinner. Last time I was there with Jadin, it was just OK. They changed their menu and there is not as much on there as there was before. Tim ordered a sandwich that he had to send back 2 times because they didn't put it on the bread he requested when he ordered it. We are usually pretty satisfied when we go out to eat, but last night was bad. I was planning on going to the ballet and I ran into a girl from my ballet class on Monday's and she was going to try and get a standing room only ticket and Tim nudged me to give her my ticket because he just wanted me to go home with him and hang out. So, I did. How can you turn your husband down when he asks you to come home with him because he loves hanging out with you? I can't turn that down, I am a sucker! We went home and had a nice night in. I haven't really been home very much, so it was nice to have some time to hang out before going to bed.

Today, I am leaving work early to go to a Dr.'s appointment (not really). I am actually leaving early to go and see a movie at the Pacific Film Archive that I once told myself if it was ever playing on the big screen I would do what I had to, to go and see it. So, my boss thinks I have an appointment, I do really. I am going to see The Man with a Movie Camera (USSR 1929) which I wrote a paper on in my documentary film class a couple years ago. I love it and it is going to have live piano accompaniment. There are also two other short silent movies being shown after, The Last Laugh (Germany 1921) which I also LOVE LOVE LOVE, and another called A Movie Trip Through Filmland (US 1921), I have not seen this one, but it sounds great. I am excited about taking some of the afternoon off to do something fun! I may go to ballet afterwards, but I have riding tomorrow night and am not sure I want to be sore for that. We will see, I have my stuff in the car just in case the mood strikes me. I know Tim would like it if I would just stay home, but I am a busy lady!

Apache tomorrow! So exciting - last week we rode outside which was awesome, but it is supposed to rain this week so we may be confined indoors.

Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

you may have a few more viewers. i like to check in once and a while to see what you are up to.


Anonymous said...

Enjoying your blog, and I'm glad to see another family has an internet journal person. Keep up the exciting life. Your Mom's friend, Karen


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