Monday, November 06, 2006

Weekend Recap

Hope you all had a nice relaxing weekend and found the time to relax and do the things you enjoy. It is important to treat or indulge ourselves and I think too often we forget that.

Saturday, I stayed in my pajamas until about 1:30 PM and watched the E channel (so trashy but I love it) and went through all of the catalogs and magazines I got while on vacation. I can’t believe the amount of catalogs companies send out before the holiday season. It is insane. Instead of keeping the entire catalog when I find something interesting I have resorted to tearing out the page since the phone and web address is on the bottom of most every page in catalogs now-a-days. If I don’t end up doing anything with the page by the end of the month, I will recycle it. It seems as much as I try, I always have a pile of catalogs next to my couch and I am trying to get rid of that and just keep the pages in a folder in my magazine bin. I hope it works, who knows though I have trouble sticking to things especially things I come up with for myself.

I rode Apache on Saturday and the ride was a total 180 from last week, which was nice. I didn’t feel defeated and it lifted the cowgirl up inside of me after she was knocked down last week. Apache needs someone to work with him more than once a week but until that happens, I am that person. It is kind of nice though because we are bonding and I am learning his little quirks and he is learning mine at the same time. He did get spooked by something in the middle of the lesson which in turn scared me a little but then I had to settle him and tell him it was OK and to keep walking. He calmed down and kept walking like I told him. It was weird though, all of the sudden his neck came way up and his eyes were bugged out and he started backing up and once I started talking to him, he was fine. I am learning from him how to be assertive and speak up and be the boss – it is a good lesson in leadership for sure. We can learn so much from horses. When I was done riding Apache there was a girl there waiting to ride him when I was done. I felt like I wanted to protect him and watch her ride him since she claimed she could get him to move faster than the molasses I am used to. So, I went and took a seat on the fence and watched her kick and kick and kick and finally got him trotting, which was cool. I could tell he was not happy though and he was tired. Right when I was about to leave, the ride was over and the girl asked if I was going to help groom him before she put him back in his stable. Well, this is m favorite thing, so I said yes, and I ended up doing all the work because she was too busy walking around and sticking her nose in everyone else’s business. She said she would scrape his feet and shoes and did one and then walked away – gosh, some people, I swear. I was happy to have him to myself though. When I was walking him back to his stall she followed me and said, “I hope I never have to ride Apache again.” I told her she shouldn’t talk like that in front of him because he knows what she is saying. She just giggled and asked me if I had any carrots that she could give to her favorite horse. I told her she should give some to Apache since she just rode him but that went over her head, she didn’t get it at all why she should reward him. I handed her some baby carrots and went to spend time with Apache alone and “chat” with him. After I kissed him and told him I loved him I went home. I hope I don’t have to deal with a distraction like that girl next week.

Sunday, senior citizen day for Tim and I. We went to breakfast, went to Cost Plus, Target and the bookstore and puttered around. It was nice. When we came home we watched a great movie called World’s Fastest Indian staring Sir Anthony Hopkins. It is a great story about determination and making your own dreams come true – we loved it. Check it out,

Monday is now here and the week is starting over, I am motivated for a Monday, which is nice. A change from the usual dread that comes over me when I enter my office on Monday’s. I am trying to be as positive as I can, do my job and save money for my next adventure. I need to keep in the present moment here at work in order to keep the stress down, but at the same time have something in the future to look forward to, to keep me going. What ever works right?
Stay tuned.

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