Friday, November 03, 2006

Back to the Old School

Well, ballet class started last night! I know some of you know that ballet used to be a part of my life a long time ago. Anyway, I decided, it is great exercise and I used to love it, so why not try it again. So, I started a 6 week class last night and I love it. There are only 3 people in the class so there is a lot of individual attention which is great. All of us in the class are in our 30's and all used to dance back in the day, so it is nice because the instructor doesn't have to explain each and every thing, we just jumped right in. Not to sound like a snob, but it was the first ballet class I have ever taken and not had a pianist in person in the room. We used CD's for the music which was cool. It was fun! I worked up a sweat and tried not to be to hard on myself for things I can no longer do that used to come so easy. It was fun to get out all my funky dance clothes, I love looking like a reject from the cast of Fame!

Tomorrow I ride Apache. I hope it goes better than last week. He was so slow last week, I now have to hold a crop (whip) and slap his ass when he doesn't move, I don't like that, but I also don't like having to keep kicking at him. It hurts my legs and my heart. I would be happy just riding him around in slow circles, but that is not what I signed up for. My instructor was getting frustrated last week as well as me. I think part of it was me not riding for 2 weeks. When I approached Apache I knew there was going to be a problem because he put his butt in my face when he saw me and wouldn't turn around until I opened my plastic bag of apples. Then he started kissing on my neck and nibbling at my vest. I hope tomorrow is a good day in the riding arena or I am going to be one bummed out gal.

Nothing else planned for the weekend. Just taking it easy. I need to clean house, do laundry and all the other fun stuff that gets piled up for the weekend. I was trying to get my chores done during the week but it seems my body wanted to sleep more than work around the house so I gave in.

Anyway, ya'll have a nice weekend ya hear?
I am still basking in the buzz of my Malta trip.

Love you all!

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