Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

I got a wild hair and put on Christmas music the other day (which I usually don't like) and decorated my house.  Everything seems so early this year since Thanksgiving was earlier than usual - seems like the weekend after Thanksgiving is usually the first weekend in December but not this time. I have never been this far along by the end of November.  Kind of nice for a change. I am trying to embrace the holiday's this year. I have had too many bummer holidays to be honest. Here is a sneak peak - not too much this year, but enough to make it seem like the holidays. Not so great photo of my wee tree, it was dark in the room and I didn't want the flash used.
My vintage skaters had to go up, every year I must have them to honor my Aunt Mary who was so kind to give them to me - I even put up the lights!
I love my kitchen shelves that my Dad put in, they are a great place to stash little holiday things.
I even was motivated enough to swap out my dishes...yes, I have holiday dishes.  I don't get them out every year, but wanted a change so I did it this year.
Nothing says your old like bringing up boxes of decorations from the basement and putting them back down there once you have taken out what you want to use. For those of you who have seen it, I have a tiny staircase to my basement that curls on the way down which is a little scary when you are carrying things. But I did it! Phew!


Amy O. said...

Hmm...I wasn't going to this year. I am trying to get rid of things, and bringings things out of storage seems a little counter to that. I was thinking of a small tree this, seeing yours...I have to get a mini tree!
Beautiful work. I love the skaters and the kitchen shelf display.

Anonymous said...

Nice job! Very festive.

Robin said...

I love it all! Especially the shelves with bits'o'holiday cheer.
Love you!


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