Sunday, February 12, 2012

Le petit dejeuner avec Gidget

Brunch with Gidget.
Today was the first time we have gone out to eat in over a month! Since we adopted Gidget (she has major separation anxiety*) we have been in lock down. Sometimes its just nice to go out and eat. So, after running some errands we headed to the Castro to see who had sidewalk seating and ended up at Cafe Flora. Gidget just sat in her little bed on the chair and did really well, despite licking the bacon in Tim's plate when his breakfast showed up. It was a beautiful day to eat outside as well, is it really February?

*working on her separation anxiety, thankfully we have a both a great trainer along with a wonderful friend (Wendy) helping out.

1 comment:

pomegranate seed said...

i'll bet she fit right in with the dogs in the neighborhood! i love that she's so cultured - french dining in the Castro!xxx


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