Sunday, January 08, 2012

Gidget's Weekend

We had a great weekend with little Gidget.
We went to Petco, Pet Smart and she waited in the car with Tim while I went into Target. We weighed her at Pet Smart and she weighs a whooping 7.2 pounds, a tiny little girl. We took her in the car both days this weekend and we also went to the little doggie park in my hood both Saturday and today. The park isn't fenced in, but is basically where the dogs go in my neighborhood to go potty and run a little. We wanted to see if she would run (on her leash of course) so I ran ahead and she and Tim came running behind, you should see her little legs go and her ears flap with every stride, it is hilarious and super cute. I couldn't get a video because I have to run in order to get her to run.

UPDATE - BayLee likes it when we leave the house and he gets his alone time. Gidget is getting more confident by the hour and she has started to bark at BayLee. We are correcting this behavior immediately though as she started to run at BayLee too when he enters the room we are in. BayLee is ok though, spends time in the bedroom alone and in his climber looking down on all of us. We all sleep together so he can't be too traumatized. Gidget gets spayed tomorrow so BayLee will get a day off and hopefully a little break while she heals.


Angela said...

Oh good granny, she is sooo cute!!!! Can't wait to meet her.
Is she barking because she wants to play with Baylee?

The Maltese Kat said...

I think she is all bark and no bite - she does what we called with Koko (the gorilla) a "false charge" where she barks, charges and then backs off. The good thing is, BayLee recovers fast and the distance he runs is getting shorter and shorter, which is a good sign. She may want to play, who knows. We just want peace in the valley without changing BayLee's personality too much. Once she is trained and healed from her surgery tomorrow she will be coming to work with me and BayLee will have the house again.


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