Monday, January 23, 2012

Gidget's Pup Essentials

Since it has been all about Gidget as of late...I thought I would share some of what Gidget thinks every modern pup must have.1. Puppia Harness
2. Zukes Mini Natural Treats
3. 4' Webbed Nylon Leash
4. Martha Stewart 3 piece bowl set - we love that it has a lid so BayLee won't eat dog food, he already has...WOOF!
5. Petco Loofa Dog Toy - ours has a dradle and is wearing a yamaka (which Gidget noshed on).
6. Rope Bone (AKA doggie floss, good for her teeth)
7. Biodegradable waste bags with holder that attaches to leash (genius).
9. Kong
12. Good Quality Food


pomegranate seed said...

oh my gosh. this is hilarious. does she really wear a rain coat? and why may i ask is her dog toy jewish? too funny. did you pick a birthday for her to celebrate? toby's is st. patrick's day (we chose that for him)... can't wait to see more of her. how did the spaying go? has she recovered?

BeBop said...

Wait. Your dog has a loofa? I don't even have a loofa.

The Maltese Kat said...

Emily, not like a loofa sponge thing that you use on your skin. I think it is called a loofa because of its shape, not sure. Weird.

The Maltese Kat said...

Yes, she really wears her raincoat and loves it. The hood fits perfect so she can see. Funny thing is, I have not taken her out in it, Tim has. Her little stuffed loofa dog is Jewish because my friend Amy thought she needed something to broaden her horizons, plus Amy had a minor crush on Hanukkah this year (I think it was the blue and silver).
She is fully healed from her surgery and is really turning into a puppy. She was so mellow when we got her and now I think she is developing a fun puppy like personality. We love her so much. Wish I could say the same for Baylee who she is now chasing through the house, but he doesn't hide. I think she knows her job is to get us all some exercise including the cat.

pomegranate seed said...

i'm laughing picturing tim walking tiny gidget with her raincoat on! too funny, though i suppose in SF not too surprising - and i love that she's got broadened horizons! xx

Amy O. said...

well described, crush it is. pleased it made it into the top 12!

The Maltese Kat said...

She LOVES that thing.
Good pick!


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