Monday, December 12, 2011


Dear Person Who Broke Into My Jeep,
Thanks for starting my Monday morning off on a positive note (when I was already running late).
Thanks for emptying out my entire glove box and throwing it all over my car.
Thanks for not taking anything, I don't keep anything worth stealing in there anyway...duh!
Maybe the alarm wasn't on, maybe the drivers side door was open, I don't know but you didn't break a window and I appreciate that.
One thing I just want to know...why do you have to throw all of the contents of my glove box all over the car, can't you just look through and put it back like you found it?
Also...I have a car that is hard (I hope) to hot wire so after trying I would appreciate you putting the seat back the way it was; I couldn't even reach the must have been a big son of a buck. I noticed you checked yourself out in the drivers side vanity mirror too and left it down...classy. I hope you think you looked good violating my personal property jackass.


Angela said...

No, so sorry. Hope everything is ok and running.
Boo to thieves!!!!!

The Maltese Kat said...

Everything is fine, nothing in there to take. Super annoying though, I mean, why can't I get the Virgo OCD thief that cleans my car when they are done and reorganizes my glovebox?

Amy O. said...

It happened almost once a month to my brother when he lived in the Upper Sunset. So sorry to hear! And surprised you didn't tell me at work!! Your story was a good read though.


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