Friday, August 05, 2011

Juicing Machine

I have been going through some personal health stuff lately, and when this happens, I turn to juicing before anything else. I think that juicing lots of root vegetables helps to keep me grounded during times that could cause anxiety, stress, etc. I believe you can heal yourself with food; the more I read, the more I believe that. I just wish more doctors were on board.
So...lots of meditating and lots and lots of fresh juice each day.

This is my favorite mix:
:: one granny smith apple
:: 2 beets
:: 3 lbs. carrots
:: one thumb size piece of ginger

All organic produce of course and to mix things up, sometimes I add a Valencia orange to the above mixture, if I don't eat it before I juice it that is (seems like once I cut it, I just want to eat it as is).

While juicing yesterday, I had to take these photos - it looks psychedelic.


Angela said...

Laila had a juicer when we lived together back in the day and we went nuts over apple/carrot juice. I think we drank that everyday, so good!
Keep juicin',

Raquel said...

Mmmmm, gotta love the color of those beets. I remember an apple lemonade I was in love with. Apples with half a lemon - YUM!

Hope you are feeling better soon.

pomegranate seed said...

YUM! I miss my juicer! (had to sell it moving to NZ and they're wayyy too expensive to buy here)... i love that mix you do - i used to do one like that, only i added a lemon as well! Hope you're doing/feeling ok!


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