Saturday, August 06, 2011

Food Tour SF

Friday I got a chance to go on a food tour of San Francisco. I love working for a company that encourages people to get out there and check out local popular food places.

Here are some highlights:
:: Waiting in line at Tartine to get one of the best pan au chocolates I have ever had in my life, it was worth the wait.
:: Cakes at Tartine are incredible looking, I love the abnormal shape (first photo, left side) the lemon meringue cake is on my wish list. Can you see that toasty brown goodness?
:: Savory pastry selection is incredible, my coworker got the tomato and ham quiche (first photo, right side)
:: BiRite Market, squeezing down the narrow aisles full of lovely olive oils, pasta and cheese. I actually went back today for fresh mozzarella, oregano, olive oil and bread for some bruschetta later this evening.
:: DeLessio Market and Bakery; the Tres Leches Cake and Rabanada looked incredible.
:: Cheese Plus, my friend Ray owns this store so its always nice to see a friendly face. Cool indy ice cream from Ohio and lots of gourmet stuff that is very tempting.

We went made a couple more (not very impressive) stops and then had lunch at Liberty Cafe in my neighborhood, followed by a walk to Sandbox Bakery to get some macarons for dessert.

It was a great day out and about. Thanks Amy for picking me up and driving around the city, I love when work stuff can also feel like fun! It was nice to get out, since I have been cooped up lately.

Stay tuned for Part 2 sometime in the future.


Amy O. said...

Beautiful pictures and great summary! Although, mine will be slightly different...different audience! :)

The Maltese Kat said...

Thanks - iphone camera served me well on Friday. Yes, I would imagine your report is very different.
Love that savory pastry selection though at Tartine, maybe someday we will have more.

Amy O. said...

MAYBE?! We will!
My summary = much more dry and businessy. That's the word of the day.

pomegranate seed said...

Oh. My. Gosh. You're making me so homesick! I'm pregnant, too so i'm craving all these foods i can never ever have. the food in our town is like being stuck in a small town mall for your only food. seriously. it's really really bad. i've lowered my standards significantly, otherwise i'd be depressed all the time. you are a very very lucky gal! Oh Tartine. How i didn't appreciate you when i lived right by you. And now that I'm only vegetarian (necessary to survive in small town new zealand while pregnant)... oh, stop me now!

xx miss you!


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