Sunday, July 03, 2011

Busy Sunday

I got a bright and early start this morning and went to the Alameda Point Antiques Faire with Amy. We were super lucky to have met up there at 8:00 am because it was blistering hot even that early and when we left at 10:00 am there was a HUGE line of at least 1000 people waiting in line to get tickets to get in past the gates. No line for the early birds and we saw about 2/3 of the entire faire; if you have not been before it is massive and takes place on the old airstrip so it is full sun when it is sunny and no shade at all. Pure heat bouncing off concrete. After two hours and an ice cold Jamba Juice (thank God they have a stand there) we were ready to get out of there and get brunch somewhere. We ate at Chop Bar in Oakland, which was very good. I would love to go back and see what their dinner menu is like plus they have a great cocktail menu (there was no way I could have had one, I would have passed out). I think we each had three different drinks; water, agua fresca (grapefruit ginger) and sparkling water; it was hard to get rehydrated after our morning in the sun. Great morning indeed, was home by 12:30; time to take a two hour rest with a book, bed, fan and a little nap before my next adventure.
At 3:00 pm I went to Mission Pie for a little get together with my studio mates. It was great to meet everyone that I had not met before. In our shared space there are 7 of us and all women which we think is pretty cool. The majority of the time I am there, I am the only one as we all have very different schedules. Before I went home I got chicken pot pies to heat up for dinner, score! Now I just have to turn on the oven in this heat, oh well! No fog today in the city and hope it stays this way tomorrow so we can see the fireworks from our neighborhood.
Hope you all had a great Sunday!

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Amy O. said...

It was a blast! Great pictures!!


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