Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thoughts on Dog Clothes

At lunch today I saw a dog wearing bedazzled jeans and a cute pink top...really? Besides the bad hair day, I felt pretty good today until my navy blue shirt that, by the way, has been held captive in my closet during this horribly rainy and cold winter has waited ever so patiently for its coming out day was suddenly downplayed by a dog in denim!

Yeah, you read that right...a dog in denim! This dog had more style than I have in my pinky finger and my pinky finger is always in style whether drinking tea or throwing a baseball. I don't really get it, I mean do you think the other dogs that were out to lunch were looking at her wishing they had her style, her body, her looks? Were the boy dogs whistling at her? Ummm...I wouldn't know because it’s a dog whistle and humans can’t hear it unless you are one of those strange characters from the Twilight series but that is beside the point.

My final thoughts are, if you have a dog and plan on dressing it up on occasion please make sure those occasions are parties, dog only events and places where women like me won't be second guessing the jeans she's wearing.

I am interested...if you dress your dog, what message are you trying to convey? The below photo says to me, I dress ChiChi like a small child to hide the fact that she has a serious smoking addiction. PS - you are not hiding anything, ChiChi looks like smoker and we can see the evidence!

1 comment:

Angela said...

you are killin' me.
what about dogs like shelby, she is round, curvaceous, if you will, is she allowed to wear clothes? btw, where did you find this pic? a dog in your hood?


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