Sunday, June 13, 2010

Golden Girls

I super love the television show Golden Girls and when a coworker of mine mentioned that there were going to be some drag queens reenacting 2 episodes I was on board! If you live in the Bay Area, you must check this out, it is hoot! Tickets can be found here. June is Pride month here in San Francisco and they are running this show all month long. They are also going to do some shows at Christmas time as well. You know I will be there with bells on. The costumes were cracking us up, I mean, the outfits Dorothy wore were spot on! During the breaks between scenes the lights would go down and commercials from the 80's and early 90's would play like: Mc D.L.T., Sprite "I like the Sprite in you", Crystal Light "I believe in Crystal Light cuz I believe in me", Juicy Fruit " gonna move ya", The Clapper "Clap on...Clap off..." and everyone would clap in the right moment. It was awesome to say the least. Everyone sang along to the opening song and to all of the commercials as well. Afterwards we waited around to get a photo with the cast...
When the photo shoot was over, we walked over to Don Ramon's for some Mexican food and a drink. Tim was at the gym and the stars were aligned and when I was done, he was done, so he came and picked me up, which is always nice. It was a great Friday night - a wonderful way to kick off the weekend.

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