Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I saw this trailer a couple times at the theatre now and it gives me chills each time. I mean, this booked moved me so much that when I realized this trailer was for a movie, I almost cried. I am torn though, the book was so good and I have to admit I liked the way I "saw" the book in my own mind that I am apprehensive about seeing how they made it into a movie.
I can't not see it though, I will have to check my mind at the door and may have to reread the book again afterwards if I feel the movie does it no justice.

Sara - remember when this book came out and you totally devoured it? Then I had to go and buy and copy and I couldn't put it down. Whenever I see this book in a book store (my sister just bought it) and now when I see the trailer I think of you and our trip to India we had planned that fell through just 2 days before take off, but it worked out for the best in the end - look at how much your life has changed. It really is a magical story. I still have dreams of traveling to India and now my obsession is Morocco - you never know where life may take you. Wish you were here so we could see this together my friend.

YouTube videos seem to take a little time to load, in order to get uninterrupted viewing - press play and then pause until the entire video has loaded (you can see the line fill across the bottom), then hit play.


Angela said...

Oh wow!
I loved the book and have to see the movie too. It looks pretty good.
When does it come out?
Love you,

The Maltese Kat said...

All it says is Summer 2010, no date yet. Looks like it might be good, but again, I like the way the booked "looked" in my head.
XO - Katie

pomegranate seed said...

ok. wow. that is eerie! i was just telling this story to a friend of cam's who is here visiting this weekend! how we were supposed to meet up, how crazy was that trip that almost was... oh, i so wish i were there to see it with you too! but guess what? we're hoping (fingers crossed) to come to the states later this year, with a stopover for a week in SF... so maybe we'll have to get together and have brunch/lunch again! you can see our little girl (who is running around like a crazy toddler these days)... i miss you so much!! i so remember that book! need to get it from the library and read it again before the movie comes out (though we only see things on video these days)...!!! this is still truly eerie that i just told our story about 10 minutes ago, and just hopped online to read this... !! it's giving me goosebumps!

The Maltese Kat said...

I love when things like that happen Sara - we obviously have some sort of connection.
XO - Katie


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