Friday, February 12, 2010

Easy Valentine's Day Gift for Your Man

Here is a quick and easy and somewhat inexpensive way to treat your man to something special on Valentine's Day.
Cover a 6 pk cardboard carrier with colored paper (my man can handle pink plus I didn't have red). You can write on it, add XO's, hearts, etc. If you are super creative with the computer, you could design your own beer label (I did not have time for this and figured this is going to be recycled anyway).
Purchase mixed bottles of beer that you know he has been wanting to try or might enjoy.
Add funny little sayings with key beer words on each bottle for example....

  • Kiss me...I'll kiss you bock
  • Let's Celebrator together (if you use Celebrator beer, I had to because of the cute charm on it!)
  • I'm nutty for you
  • Hoppy Valentine's Day

You get the point, I am sure you can come up with better sayings than these.
My plan is to get up early on Sunday and leave this on his bedside table so when he wakes it is there, the only problem that may arise is the little fuzzy blue monster that lives with us may be very tempted by the charm and the little flags around the bottles.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant! I love this idea and will keep it in my back pocket on the off chance I date again.
So darn cleaver.

Anonymous said...

Oye... just realized I wrote
"cleaver" as in knife! Haaa, no wonder I'm not dating :)

The Maltese Kat said...

HA HA HA! I was thining Cleaver as in June, Ward, Wally and the Beav.

Angela said...

I love this! Excellent idea, you are such a smart, crafty, clever lady!!!!
Timmy is going to love it.
Love you,

pomegranate seed said...

what a great idea - cam will be jealous as he's such a beer-lover, and i have slacked on v-day... there only a simple gift and i hope to bake tomorrow as a surprise. ah well. you're so funny - i love it! great idea!


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