Monday, November 10, 2008

Date Night

Tim and I don't have a regularly scheduled date night like we used to. We should though, after 10 years of marriage it would be sort of fun, but has not been in the budget as of late. Friday night I went to pick Tim up and decided to make a turn on a street in my neighborhood where there is a small Italian restaurant on a corner advertising Pizza and Pasta in the window. As luck would have it I found a parking spot right out front and we went inside. It was a very small family run place with family photos all over the walls (which I love). The menu was simple, full of various pasta dishes which came with your choice of soup or salad. They also sold pizza, but that was "to go" only. We ordered a carafe of the house red wine, which was served in an old pitcher (so cool) - the carafe provided us each with 4 glasses of wine (great deal at $14 and so yummy).We each ordered a pasta dish, I decided to go for it, even though I have cut the majority flour/wheat of it out of my diet (well, until I go to Malta again!). I had a salad with mine and Tim had the minestrone, both were delicious and we were both very satisfied with our meals. We ended with cappuccino's and dessert - cheesecake for him and a cannoli for me.
It was a nice night out. I just read the reviews of the restaurant on yelp and they are not good - what do you expect in a city full of food snobs though? There are foodies (which I am one) and then there are the snobs (which I am not, I will eat whatever, where ever and when ever to try it out). This place is not for the snobs, but was fit for this girl and her mister who both love Italian food.

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Angela said...

Yeah for date night! It looks and sounds yummy, I love Italian. Well, I love food so there you go!


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