Friday, November 28, 2008

Comfort and Joy

The potpie I made yesterday was a hit and Tim was in heaven! Yeah!!!! He asked me to make it every year from now on...of course we had to compromise and agree that I would make it any Thanksgiving that it is just the two (or three) of us.

Photo from

I made this pie as requested by Tim and it was wonderful. Super easy to make. I didn't take a photo because my crust got darker than I wanted and I freaked out. Tim ate it anyway, it wasnt burnt, just darker than I like.

OK, I have to admit something....I have a serious cranberry addiction - some of you know about it. I doubled my normal recipe this year so I will have cranberry sauce until the New Year (I hope). I added an apple this year and it is yummy. Do you ever watch Nigella Lawson on the Food Network? Well, she always sneaks into the kitchen at night and takes a bite of whatever she made on the show that is leftover in the fridge - well, that is what I do with cranberries. Any time of the day, if I want a little something sweet, tart and yummy - I grab a spoon and take a few bites from my designated container (my own germs, not for sharing, ha ha!). I hope you can't overdose on cranberries. If so, I may have a situation on my hands. Some of you also may know, when I want to swear at work, I sing the word "cranberries" more like "Crrrraaaaanberries". One of my favorite snacks after work is a little bowl of apple sauce with a gob of cranberry sauce in the middle. So good.
Hope your Thanksgiving was full of wonderful food, comfort and joy!

Now...I must make a pumpkin pie this weekend - coconut was for Tim's BDay and this holiday is not the same without pumpkin pie!


Angela said...

Yum! The turkey pot pie looks so good as does the pie and the Craaannnnbbbbbeerrrryyyyy goodness! We had deep fat fried turkey which was good and the pics are on my flickr. We ate too much and have tons of leftovers. Guess what we are having tonight? Part deux!
Love you,

pomegranate seed said...

um - ok so when can i get that cranberry recipe? hello- yours looks amazing! i made a tiny batch for myself and while it tasted good, you wouldn't want to see pictures of it...

yum - cranberries!!


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