Sunday, April 13, 2008

Having Fun and Taking Care of Business

Busy weekend - had a lot of fun and got to knock some things off my 101/1001 list at the same time. We went to Sacramento for a garage sale at the Asch house, it was also Angela's birthday so I brought some goodies with us.
Friday night I baked these lemon pound cakes to take to Sacramento with us on Saturday. Super easy and really moist and yummy.
I also have to share my first major baking disaster, while making these red velvet cupcakes. Everything was going great, I mistakenly filled the cupcake papers a little too full so when they started to bake, they puffed up and spread out a little on the muffin tin. I thought, no problem, they will just have little hats on when they are done. I think they would have been OK, but I let them cool too long in the pan and the overflow tops stuck to the pan and wouldn't budge! I tried to run a knife under their edges and nothing, so, I thought I will cut around the tops completely and cover the rough edges with frosting, no go, it didn't work. I was so upset that after prying 4 of them out of the pan, that were delicious and perfect - except for the messy tops, I threw the entire pan of them away. I generally don't have too many of these episodes, so I had to laugh. I had already made the cream cheese frosting too! Good thing I had baked some of the batter in a couple ramekins and those were fine, so I made a mini Birthday cake out of one for Angela, so she had a little something special for the day. The pound cakes were just not good enough for me to give to her for her Birthday.

Saturday, we work up at 6 AM, packed the car with stuff to sell and hit the road to get to Sacramento. We had a nice drive, once we got out of the city, construction on the bay bridge held us up a little bit. We got there and set up our stuff to sell. I had a couple boxes of things to unload, but am also going to join our neighborhood sale in August, so I kept all my books here until then. We did pretty good, we made enough to fill the tank with gas this week, which is great! Did I mention the heat? It was super hot too, we packed up everything around 1:00 and moved to the backyard for the rest of the day. Frankie is getting so big, when we went to CO in February, he was starting to cut teeth and now he has 6! He is such a sweet baby, we had fun together taking photos while he was on my lap and then he would look at them and squeal! What did we do before digital cameras?We hung out and enjoyed the sun and had a BBQ dinner, it was incredible! It reminded me of Birthday's at my parent's house. It also made me sad, because, I am not sure if I mentioned it before, but, maybe it is because I don't want to deal with it, but, Angela, Brian and Frankie are moving in three weeks to Colorado. My one friend here with a baby, my friend that I have had the longest out here (we met before I was married), she is literally like a sister to me and she is moving. Ugh, I honestly, don't want to talk about it. Call it denial, that is fine, I can deal with that. I am sure I will approach the subject at another time about how much this girl means to me. We had such a nice day. We left when it was time for Frankie's bath time as to keep him on schedule. We drove home listening to a Dead show from 1991, which was cool. It was hot so we had the windows open the entire way, I loved it! I love driving and listening to music. Which I should also mention, I am driving to CO with Angela and her 2 dogs and 2 cats the first weekend in May. Her husband is driving with his friend and her Mom is coming to get the baby and fly with him. It should be fun, I am looking forward to it actually, can you tell how bad I want a vacation?

Sunday, slept until about 9:45 am - watched the Lifetime movie I taped from Saturday night and made a lemon meringue pie while Tim was out playing tennis. We just had a nice spaghetti dinner (Tim's favorite) and are just hanging out at home.I have an OK week ahead of me, not too much going on, which is nice.
Hope you all had a nice weekend and have a wonderful week.

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Emily said...

where havee you been!? I miss you.. I am sorry to hear about Angela, I had no idea! Colorado is a great place for a vacation..
Did you get my e-mail? or did I write it to the wrong person again? =( e-mail meeeeeeeeeee!


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